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Income Planning

One of the common pitfalls of retirees is not having a solid reliable income plan for retirement. It seems simple; take your monthly budget minus your income from your pension, social security and whatever you still need, withdrawal if from your retirement savings. This is not income planning, this is living in survival mode.

What do you do when your accounts are down? What do you do when you need more than what your investments are earning? Are you working only with qualified or IRA dollars, and how will these withdrawals affect your taxes? Which account should you access first for your income needs? What happens when social security is no longer available, do you have a “back-up plan?”

Don’t be fooled into thinking an income plan for retirement is a simple matter of addition and subtraction. Looking at the variables of inflation, taxes, investment choices and developing a solid reliable income plan for retirement is what Sterling First Financial specializes in.

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