Our MissionĀ 



The mission of Sterling First Financial is to keep families strong through the generations. We do this by focusing on the financial freedom our clients need to maintain their lifelong independence. We design and implement a personal strategy for each and every client to empower them and their family to pursue their dreams.

Through experience, education, research and relationships, Sterling First is a resource and a support for family members to meet their responsibilities to each other with ease, joy, mutual satisfaction and love.

Benefits of working with Sterling First Financial include:

  • Families meet their responsibilities to each other
  • Families get financially stronger
  • Businesses thrive and succession planning is easier
  • Stress is reduced as people know where to find the resources they need
  • Decision-making is simpler because people are educated and understand their options
  • Worries and concerns are reduced when financial planning focuses on the importance of relationships in this life.

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